Benefits of a SOG Ventilation System

“Scents and Sensibility”

SOG ventilation systems were first designed and introduced into the European motorhome market 20 years ago.

High quality German design and engineering sought to eliminate both toilet cassette smell and chemicals, resulting in an improved and enhanced motorhoming experience.

This means one less continuing expense and consumable to carry.  Naturally cured waste is environmentally friendly and stops chemicals entering our waste system.  Long term, this is of the greatest importance for our environment as New Zealand and the rest of the world strive for carbon neutrality and sustainable future living.

  • 100% chemical free
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • No back pressure smell when you open the blade valve to use the toilet
  • No driving smell as the SOG system is a SEALED piping system to the exterior of your vehicle
  • You empty when convenient to you, not when the cassette is necessary full, as you do not waste the chemical shot
  • Waste is broken down naturally, without chemicals, so can be discharged into septic tanks or our sewerages without the harm of chemicals

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