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Each SOG kit is available in two combinations:

(i) STANDARD SOG kits – vented via the toilet door through a charcoal filter placed in a filter housing on the outside of the toilet door. This SOG kit is ideal for DIY retro fitting to existing motorhomes and caravans. An average handyman can fit these SOG kits after reading the provided installation instructions.

(ii) SOG II kits – vented through the floor or via an underfloor locker, includes a recently released new generation charcoal powder filter and inline fan/pump. Ideal for new motorhomes and caravans during the initial build of the vehicle, although they are also suited to retro fitting to existing motorhomes and caravans. The SOG II kit is offered as a DIY product, again for the average handyman. The advantage of the SOG II kit is that odourous air from the cassette can be directed away from the main outdoor area of your motorhome, 100% guaranteeing no smell while making use of your outdoor living space.

Conversion Kits – Standard SOG to SOG II

There is now the ability to upgrade your standard SOG system (vented through the toilet door) to the new SOG II (vented through the floor/locker under the vehicle). The existing fan/pump is removed from the toilet door and remotely mounted onto the SOG II charcoal filter. Additional piping is required, dependant on the distance the filter is mounted away from the toilet cassette. Distance can be up to 2.5 metres from the toilet cassette.

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