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On this page you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most. If your question is not listed below or you have a new question please do get in contact with us so we can update this page with your question.

How easy is the SOG to install?
Classed as average handyman ability, instructions need to be read before commencing.  The SOG NZ team are always happy to assist via a telephone call or over the internet.

Who professionally can install the SOG?
Any competent motorhome/caravan maintenance/builder or Auto Electrician. Approx time to install 2-2.5 hours.

What are the underlying principles of the SOG system?
Fan operates when you open the blade valve.
The fan creates a movement of air into the cassette from the bathroom area, removing personal smell and cleans out the ammonia and methane gases from the sewerage, curing the waste naturally (NO CHEMICALS).
The system continues to work for you although the fan does not operate (unless you have opened the blade valve to use the toilet).  Ammonia and methane gases (which is pressure/smell) build up in the cassette and naturally “breathe” to the outside of your vehicle.  This process continues to cure the waste naturally following the principles of oxidation.

Will my camping neighbour smell my toilet venting outside of my vehicle?
No, the standard SOG system has a fabric charcoal filter, while the SOG II system has an enclosed cartridge powder charcoal filter.  Charcoal is the best filter medium currently available.

How do I know when the charcoal filter needs replacement?
You will detect constant smell externally or you will begin to detect smell from the cassette when you are using the toilet. This means the air flow through the filter has reduced slightly.

What is driving smell?
Without installation of the SOG system, all cassettes have a release valve in the top surface of the cassette.  This valve is placed in release mode when you insert the cassette.  This is necessary to release the ammonia and methane gases (pressure build-up) from the cassette.  This release of pressure (smell) is into the toilet chamber, which is internal to your vehicle. Normally detected when the cassette is over half full.

How does installation of a SOG system help driving smell?
Installation of the SOG systems removes or freezes  the release valve, and provides a path to the outside wall of your vehicle to release “breathe” the pressure/smell/gases.

Do you still have to use chemicals?
No chemicals are required, just begin, after emptying, with approx three quarters of a litre of fresh water.  SOG converts your cassette toilet to CHEMICAL FREE.

What sort of smell when emptying the cassette should I expect?
If you consider a chemically treated cassette to be rated at a smell level of 10 points, SOG naturally treated sewerage smell when emptying would be on the scale of around 4 points.

Does the sewerage break down with SOG?
Yes, 3-4 hours of driving lumps and toilet paper are reduced to brown liquid and  5-6 hours if stationary.

Do you have to use special expensive Bio-degradable toilet paper?
No, normal toilet paper can be used just like at home.

I have a Thetford C2,C3,C4 toilet cassette and have fitted a SOG system. We still experience driving smell when the cassette is over half full.  Why isn’t it working?
You should check your release valve. The SOG kit comes with a facility to permanently close/seal off this release valve. A common problem is people forget to follow these seal-off instructions.

How important is the need to eliminate air leaks in the SOG installation?
Very important, all air leaks must be eliminated.  They are a source where air can be drawn into the cassette. This means that 100% of the air will not be drawn correctly into the cassette through the blade valve opening.  This reduces the effectiveness of the air flow from the bathroom area and smell will be detected when you use the toilet.

What are the main differences in the standard SOG system and the SOG II system?
The filters are different.  Standard SOG filter is a fabric filter, SOG II filter is a cartridge charcoal powder filter.
Standard SOG fan and filter are mounted on the toilet door.  SOG II fan and filter are mounted remotely from the cassette, in a cupboard through the floor or into an under-floor locker, exiting under the vehicle.

What are the advantages of SOG II?
A new generation SOG ventilation system.  If your toilet is on the left hand side of your vehicle SOG II offers the ability to direct exhausting underneath the vehicle to the opposite side of the vehicle.

I have installed a standard SOG system and would now like to take advantage of upgrading to the new generation SOG II system.  How do I go about this?
No problem, for just under $100 the SOG NZ team can supply an upgrade kit.  You leave your filter housing on the outside of the toilet door, remove the fan unit from the toilet door and remotely mount this fan unit into the cartridge charcoal powder filter.  The upgrade kit consists of the charcoal cartridge powder filter, pipe, elbow and screws.

How long have SOG systems been in Europe?
20 years.

Can the sewerage be deposited into septic tanks and naturally treated long-drops?
Yes, the sewerage is naturally treated (without any chemicals) and therefore will not cause any harm.

How often should I empty my cassette?
When full or when convenient.  We tend to empty a little more often, when it is convenient to empty, there is no chemicals so there is no dollar cost in emptying when convenient.  There is nothing worse than coming to the close of the day and you have a full cassette and you cannot find anywhere to discharge.

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